Monday, November 1, 2010

11 11 11 Movie

The movie 11.11.11 is an upcoming horror thriller movie written and directed by Darren bousman (who helmed three movies of the Saw franchise). The story focuses on the date 11-11-11, a time when a supposed gateway will open and something will come through. The movie 11.11.11 should be released in November 2011 (or is that too obvious?).

Here below a series of teaser posters of the movie 11 11 11:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

"The 11:11 movement is centered on the emergence of that number in people’s lives that alerts them to angels or spirit guardians trying to communicate with them. Conspiracy theorists also point to the number 11′s involvement in historical events. 11 11 11 will take on the idea of 11 gates of Heaven and how on 11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month, the 11th gate will open up and something from another world will enter the earthly realm for 49 minutes."

A few words from Producer Wayne Rice about the project:

"A lot of the ideas regarding the 11:11 theory have been New Age-y or biblical, with talk of angels. Leave it to Darren to see the dark side of that date. [...] This is a marketer's dream."
Producer Wayne Rice

And Director Darren Bousman explains what he intends with the movie 11.11.11:

"With Saw and Repo, my career has been about finding new ways to freak people out; that's what I want to do with this. We want to take this phenomenon and give it horrific purpose."
Director Darren Bousman

I'm already freaked out by the premise of teh film: I''m starting to see the number 11 in everything I do! Oh My God!

Anyway, more information about the movie 11.11.11 soon!